Our purpose is to empower humanity to form deep meaningful connections and achieve our highest potential.

To achieve our vision, we're building Hi Right Now - the place to effortlessly meet growth-minded people, expand your network, and build community from the comfort of home via a series of 1:1 video chats.

In today’s world where knowing the right people is increasingly important, meeting like-minded people is like finding a needle in a haystack.

If you’re an entrepreneur or problem-solver with a vision to make a dent in the universe, this problem is even more real.

You have millions of questions and things to take care of all the time. Sometimes you wish there were people who could unblock your blindspots and offer advice.

We feel that. After all, we're taking you on our journey as we build Hi Right Now.

With the right community, anything is possible. Meeting people and building meaningful connections with them should be fun and exciting. We're here to make that happen for you.

Whether you're looking for a co-founder, advisor, employee, investor, or someone to bounce ideas off of, it all starts by saying Hi Right Now.

Let us guide you to say hi right now to inspiring go-getters around the world. Join the movement.

Say Hi Right Now.

The Team

Sandra Kolar


Joe Lu

Frontend Dev

Zhen Quan

Product Design

Lenny Chen

Product Design

Kevin Robinson

Backend Dev

Max Solomonyuk

Co-founder, Frontend Lead

George Pickett

Co-founder, CPO

Stephen Choi

Co-founder, CEO