Frequently Asked Questions

1. How did you come up with the name?

Some say its brilliant. Some say its controversial. But the mission remains the same - enabling people to say Hi Right Now.

To get the full, unfiltered answer, come say hi to the team at Hi Right Now and check out the podcast 😏

2. How is Hi Right Now different from other platforms?

Hi Right Now is on a mission to empower you to form deep meaningful connections online. Treat us as your professional relationship guide. We've found that quick 1 on 1 chats help you discover new relevant connections in a fun and easy way. Beyond the initial touchpoint, we guide you to sustain and strengthen lasting connections.

3. Why 1 on 1 speed video chats?

1 on 1 video conversations are the easiest way to building meaningful connections online. It allows you to have a more focused conversation whilst communicating your vibe in the most genuine way. No distractions, only pure undivided attention. By connecting you with quality people who share similar interests and values in a structured way, you can easily expand your network without consuming a lot of time.

4. What is the Hi Right Now experience like?

You'll have a series of 1 on 1 conversations with awesome new people you didn't even know you'd click with. We've curated a serendipitous experience that encourages you to be yourself, vibe with like-minded people, and build lasting connections.

Action beats inaction. Join our next event to experience the magic of Hi Right Now!

5. What are the technical requirements?

Our platform doesn't require any downloads or pre-installed software, everything is online. But for the best experience, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox on your computer.