Our Story

Long time ago

Place to place

Hi, I'm Stephen,

co-founder of Hi Right Now.

Since I was born, I’ve never lived anywhere for longer than 3 years. This nomadic experience taught me how to quickly make friends wherever I went. At the same time, floating around from place to place meant I struggled with keeping my friendships.


New York

Meet George.

In 2013 in New York, I met George. Together, we went on a journey of self-development and traveled the world. Even though we were only in the same city for a year, our friendship showed me that building relationships remotely is possible.



And Max.

In 2019, George and I made a pact to connect nomadic and remote people like us in real life. We went to Bali where we bumped into the many people who proactively chose to live a digital nomad lifestyle. There, we met Max who joined our mission.



When COVID swept the world and remote work became ubiquitous in 2020, we saw that virtually everyone started craving genuine human connection.

We saw people flocking to online communities for connection. In spite of their popularity, we realized that there’s no good way to meet like-minded people. Most of the interaction in these groups occurs through hectic group chats and awkward Zoom calls.

We built Hi Right Now to change that.




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We’re all on a mission
to empower humanity
to form deep
meaningful connections.

To achieve that, we built a web-app that serendipitously connects inspiring thinkers, creators, and leaders of online communities over a series of 6-min 1:1 video chats via a matching algorithm.

In the same way, when you’re in a small village and know almost everyone in it.

We’re creating a village of online communities where the next time you log into your community, you don’t feel like a stranger anymore.

Along our journey, we’ve met inspiring superstars who have joined our mission.

Our Team

Azul Celada
Business Development Intern
Daniel Cruz
Front End Developer
Lenny Chen
Product Designer
Zhen Quan
Product Designer
Jasper Flour
Head of Marketing
Max Solomonyuk
Co-founder, Frontend Lead
George Pickett
Co-founder, CTO
Stephen Choi
Co-founder, CEO